Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Note to friends from Rachel Rosolina

Hi guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am officially adding my contribution to the working world. I went to Bloomington, Indiana, over Sunday and Monday to interview in person with Solution Tree (www.solution-tree.com), and they offered me a copyediting position with full benefits.

I'll be copyediting manuscripts about education and leadership, and--since this is a new position they have created--I might get to stretch into production sometimes. The plan right now is to start July 6th.

Bloomington is a lot like Morgantown, which I like. There are tons of locally owned restaurants and shops, a huge lake not far away, and Indiana University (in all of its limestone glory) is located there as well. They have a huge co-op grocery store with three locations that I am excited about. The Solution Tree office is in a renovated factory building and is amazing. All brick walls and huge windows (and apparently I get to sit by one of those windows). I'm really excited.

Hope all is going well there! Happy Tuesday!
Miss you,

IMAGE: WVU Press Staff, Rachel's sometime home, with RR front and center

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