Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Alan Sondheim talk on Thursday, April 30 on the Real and the Virtual

Real and Virtual in the Broken World
a talk by Alan Sondheim
Colson Hall 130, WVU
4pm, April 30, 2015
free and open to the public

Building on early work done at WVU, Alan Sondheim will discuss the nature of avatars, virtual worlds, mixed realities, and their relationship to the physical world we inhabit. The presentation will include video, still images, and audio, including a demonstration of "revrev," a mockup of reverse reverberation, in which, during live performances, tones and sequences are announced from elsewhere before they appear. This is related to a politics of hope — How can we imagine a future, when world-wide extinctions and slaughter seem to be the order of the day?

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