Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sturm Week

TCH would like to welcome poet Carol Frost, this year's Sturm Writer-in-Residence, to Morgantown.

And of course we want to congratulate the poets who will be working with her:

Melissa Atkinson (MFA, 2nd year)
Lisa Beans (MFA, 3rd year)
Ben Bishop (MFA, 2nd year)
Evan Blake (MFA, 1st year)
Melissa Ferrone (undergraduate)
Micah Holmes (MFA, 3rd year)
Sara Kearns (MFA, 2nd year)
Rachel King (MFA, 3rd year)
Matthew London (MFA, 3rd year)
Christina Seymour (MFA, 1st year)
Isabelle Shepherd (undergraduate)
Jacqulyn Wilson (MA-PWE, 2nd year)

And congratulations, too, to Emily Issacs, winner of this year's Virginia Butts Sturm Creative Writing Award.

OK, poets, we expect to hear all about the workshop with Carol and to read the amazing poems you'll be writing as a result. No pressure, though.

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