Thursday, July 28, 2011

Attention Tenants: Request for Help with Diversity Week

Rachel Holmberg, former Tenant of Colson Hall and now a counselor at Career Services, just sent us the following query:

Is anyone in the English department interested in doing an event for diversity week?

Diversity week is Oct. 17th - 22nd and freshmen are required to attend at least one event as part of their orientation course. Our theme this year is "Peace, Love, and Understanding." The theme is just a starting point, though. If you think you have an event that helps students understand some aspect of diversity better, we will welcome it.

Currently planned events range from the African Dance Ensemble performance, to a "Swords to Plowshares" engineering design contest, talks from international students about their journey to WVU, a discussion of the Muslim practice of wearing head scarves, and a celebration of Diwali (including entertainment and great food).

If you have an event you'd like to do or just want to talk about the possibilities, please contact me, Dr. Rachel Holmberg, at

P.S. If you have students practicing descriptive pieces, doing research, or journal entries, you might consider having them write about diversity week. It will encourage students to go and do something to promote tolerance and growth as well as writing about something different and interesting. Most events are free (all except those that include food, like Diwali), on both campuses, and are running during the days and evenings, so access should not a problem for them.

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