Monday, May 9, 2011

So Many Things!

So many things to tell you and so many things have gotten in the way of the telling. Sorry 'bout that!

OK, so let's begin.

First, and maybe most importantly, the MFA reading was held April 28. This is, as you well know, the event of the season, and this year's writers did not disappoint. Here's a pic of our grads: Sarah Einstein, Aaron Hoover, Christina Rothenbeck, Charity Gingerich, Tori Moore, Rebecca Schwab (turning nicely in the other direction), Danielle Ryle, Heather Frese, and Alex Berge. Don't they clean up nicely? And they write well too, which means we can go ahead and give them their degrees after all. Whew!

The next day we kicked off our weekend celebration of the MFA program's 10th anniversary with a gathering of 20 or so current and former students and faculty at Black Bear where we hung out, ate burritos with interesting names, and watched some folks (not us) "dance" to the live music. I'd say more about that, but you sort of had to be there.

On Saturday we gathered for a fancy dinner at Hatfield's. Yep. And even Dean Bob Jones was there to help us celebrate 10 great years of writing and friendship. The reading was truly impressive. MFA friends Rudy Almasy, Laura Brady, and Tim Sweet were also in attendance, as was everyone's favorite, Gail Adams. Here we are looking all proud in a 10th anniversary kind of way.

Finally, here's a pic of this semester's grad poetry workshop. They look cute, don't they? And relieved---no doubt because they had finished writing sonnets and were now free to try to stop hearing iambs everywhere they go. Good luck with that, poets!

So that's it, pretty much. You're caught up. Don't you feel better? I know I do.

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