Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three Bests

Triple congratulations to Professor Kevin Oderman and MFA students Sarah Einstein and Heather Frese for having their essays recognized as distinguished in the most recent volume of Best American Essays.

This is something of an annual occurrence for Kevin. How nice he could share the spotlight this year with two outstanding writers in our ever-impressive MFA program.

Way to go! And—way to write!


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  1. I stopped in Borders last night specifically for the purpose of looking at a copy. One of the things I really, really love about having been to an M.F.A. program is going to bookstores and seeing titles by faculty I've worked with and friends I've made in my classes and at writing conferences - it was even cooler to see the names of people who were students with me and are accomplishing such fantastic things while still in the program! Congrats, you guys - it really inspires me to go write something because you've shown us that it's possible!

    "Show me your achievement - and the knowledge will give me the courage for mine." - The Fountainhead