Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Technology Talk

Looking for new ways to integrate eCampus into your classroom? Are there just a few things on your page that you can't figure out? Do you wish you could set up your grade book quickly and easily and prevent all of those "What was my grade on quiz/short write 5?" emails? Would you like to find an alternative way to assess your students? Want to offer additional office hours via eCampus chat?

On Monday, September 20 I'll be discussing the details of eCampus. Please join me from 3:00-4:00 in G06 Colson hall for this eCampus technology workshop. Feel free to arrive late or leave early based on your schedule and needs. I'll discuss a few eCampus tricks and tools; then, we'll have a group discussion-- offering everyone an opportunity to share their eCampus knowledge and ask questions. If we have time we'll also explore alternative technology tools such as Prezi, Dropbox, and Google tools (...and we'll continue this helpful conversation about technology beyond eCampus with Sarah Einstein on Mon., Nov. 29th).

Please email me @ if you have any questions or suggestions for the session.

I hope to see all of you Monday!

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