Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's Make a Fort!

This installation piece by artist Matej Kren (read more here [update: please be advised a button for another article on this site is NSFW.]) looks like something we could totally do ourselves, don't you think? Between all the new books for fall classes, the stacks of reading accumulated by booklisting PhDs, our personal collections, and whatever is left over from this year's grad student book sale--well, this seems entirely feasible.

Note that I left library books off the list. Aside from keeping university property safe, it would be too easy. And mine are already in the shape of a bunker in preparation for the coming year. Best wishes to everyone for the new semester!


  1. Could we also build a replica of Colson Hall right in front of Colson Hall?

  2. I believe that we could. And in front of that replica, a replica of the replica.