Monday, August 16, 2010

Dolphin, er, Hummingbird Report

Well, I wanted to blog about My Summer Reading and, more specifically, about The Island of the Blue Dolphins, which I’m sure everyone but me read ages ago—though, quite frankly, I’m not sure it’s really for younger readers.  It’s pretty much one terrible thing after another: the mother: already dead; the father: soon dead; the brother: eaten by wild dogs; the main character: left alone on an island in the Pacific with said wild dogs.  And that’s, like, just the first few chapters. 

When I inadvertently (?) left the book at home, the plot had taken a more positive turn—the main wild dog, “the one with yellow eyes,” was (kind of) domesticated after nearly being killed by the protagonist (hmm… what’s the lesson there, ladies?)—but, still, this book is a real downer.

Which is why I’m glad I “forgot” it and am now surrounded by hummingbirds!  Sure, they’re addicts, but they’re so cheery about it.  “More nectar, please,” they say pretty much all day (see impossible-to-take photo).

So, yes, the Dolphin Report is now the Hummingbird Report.  Also, the Poet in the Woods Report and the I Think I Heard a Car Today Report.  The trees are lovely, thanks for asking, and, yes, quite unlike The Start of the Semester, which looms—I mean, entices—with its Opportunities for Educational and Personal Growth. 

And of course when I return to Morgantown, I fully intend to finish that damn Dolphins book.  It’s, like, a Newberry winner, but I dunno.  Even the ever-intrepid (and attractively coifed) Nancy Drew would be a little daunted by a whole pack of wild dogs and the prospective of making spear tips all day long. 

I’d tell you that I’m going to blog about the book when I’m done, but that’s a lie.  I don’t want to ruin it for you since I know, given this teaser of a plot summary, that you’ll want to read (or re-read!) it for yourself very, very soon.  So, have at it.  And then we can form a TCH What’s Up with That Dolphins Book book club/therapy group and get the semester off to a good start.

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