Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whoops....Missed One.

As far as the title of Youngest Tenant is concerned, little Otis Pascal is sort of like Lady Jane Grey: although he held the title for four days, the news was not announced until after Finn Stupp had taken over. Nonetheless, TCH is rewriting its will to include him.

Molly's announcement is so charming that it deserves to be quoted in its entirety:

"Otis X Pascal arrived after a fast and furious labor ('Run that red light!') at 1:38 pm on June 29.

Otis was 19.5 inches at birth, weighing in at 6 lbs, 12 oz. He is home with Molly and Matthew Pascal and his 18 month old big sister Indie, who wants to know when 'O-2' will be returned to where-ever he came from.

The name OTIS was inspired by Otis Redding. The middle name, X (not an initial), is in honor of Molly's maternal grandfather, Saul X Kramer, who added the letter X to his name before enlisting with the US and departing for the French front during World War II. He thought his name was common and hoped that the middle initial would prevent any potential confusion for his wife when she read the MIA and KIA lists in the newspaper. Saul survived the war and gave each of his subsequent three children the middle name X (and they gave their children the same middle name, and so on)."

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