Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Absolutely Hilarious

Some of the Tenants are old enough that they can remember when their mothers, in those dark days before the Internet, would send them dozens of newspaper clippings about things that, at best, were only remotely related to anything that the Tenant might be interested in ("The Seven Best Seafood Restaurants in Toledo," "FAA Refueling Regulations"). As a result, the Tenants are always wary of sharing internet links to "absolutely hilarious" pictures, webpages, and videos. However, every now and then, a bottle washes up on the beach outside Colson Hall whose contents really do deserve to be shared.

Such is the case with David Thorne's latest piece. The shorter, redacted version from Jezebel is here. This is relevant to your life because:

1. It's either creative writing or performance art (the Tenants are never too sure with David Thorne). [MFA connection]

2. Jezebel's editing suggests that even the Internet could use Maxwell Perkins. The original version at Thorne's website, 27bslash6, while longer, is not necessarily better. (Also, cat-lovers should know, it's a bit more graphic in the "comic violence against felines" mode.) [MA-PWE connection]

3. It's absolutely hilarious. [Everyone]

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