Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Infinite Promise of May, 2010: Jersey Shore

May's not quite over yet and is still extending the promise of a post-finals world where anything is possible, at least for a summer. This year's suggestion: spend the next few months as a member of the cast of Season 3 of Jersey Shore. According to the casting call:

Doron Ofir Casting and MTV are seeking the proudest, loudest, and wildest to carry on the legacy of the smash hit series JERSEY SHORE. On Sunday May 30th 2010 tanned and toned fist pumpers have one last chance to prove that they dominate the gym, tear up the dance floor and rule the bedroom by attending the only official Memorial Day Casting Calls. Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City will host the open call from 11am to 8pm.

In short, any of the Tenants should easily qualify. There's still time to make it if you want to roadtrip (or you can interview at The Mirage in Vegas if the open road has already lured you out west).

P.S. By way of preparation for the audition, you may want to have a nickname already picked out, courtesy of the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator. In case you were wondering, Jane Austen's would have been "Sunny."


  1. My J-Shore name is "L-Cat," which sounds like Cath and I have merged to become a cyborg library database. Watch out, America; don't make us go Dewey Decimal on you.

  2. A few others...

    Marilyn Francus = "Pooker"
    Pat Conner = "The Bicep"
    Cari Carpenter = "C-Pow"

  3. I got "The Appointment," which seems apt in terms of student conferences. Or maybe it's just code for when L-Cat will cause a multi-database apocalypse?

  4. D-Train, here, although that's Professor D-Train to you (Miss Jackson, if you're nasty). I think we should be required to use these in all official department communications. It would certainly liven up "Recent Achievements."

  5. I got "The Incident." Is that on target or what?

    FYI, Flannery O'Connor's would have been "Last Call." Something about that is sort of eerie.

    Dennis - keeping with the Glee theme, Rachel Berry would be known as "The Paris Hilton of Trenton"

  6. What's truly eerie is that "The Paris Hilton of Trenton" fits Rachel perfectly.

    The best part of "The Incident" is that it abbreviates nicely. If The Situation is Sitch, I think you get to be Ince, at least for texting purposes.