Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is this a good-looking audience or what?

A large and enthusiastic and pretty darn attractive audience gathered for the COW reading this past Friday at Zenclay. Readers included creative nonfiction writers Sarah Einstein and Kelly Sundberg, fiction writers Aaron Hoover, Jason Freeman, Tony Clavelli, Justin Crawford, and Rebecca Schwab, and poets Lauren Reed, Danielle Ryle, and Christina Rothenbeck. Host Aaron Rote delivered his usual inspired haiku introductions, and copies of Joinery, the limited edition MFA publication, were available. In addition, in case you needed further convincing that our MFA program is the best ever, Aaron Hoover told us just that, remarking that we were, in fact, a much more receptive and attentive crowd than anything Purdue could ever muster. And Lauren Reed concurred with a story about a car accident, a phone tree, a text message ("Aaron Rote will come get you!"), and a rainy night rescue from near-certain doom. Elissa Hoffman won the raffle (a copy of Kevin Oderman's limited edition chapbook), and Mark Brazaitis, Ellesa Clay High, Ethel Morgan Smith, John Ernest, and yours truly nodded at all the right moments. Thanks to our COW officers and to our wonderful readers. See you next time.

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