Friday, October 2, 2009

Five Month Anniversary

It was just a little over five months ago that the Tenants came up with the idea of doing a blog one sultry afternoon in their clubhouse when there was nothing good on TV. Since then, we've passed the 5,000 "unique visitors" mark (and all our visitors are unique) and are rapidly approaching 10,000 pageviews.

In celebration of that, we're posting the map showing which states our visitors are from. The different shades of green, admittedly a bit difficult to see given the picture size, show the numbers of visitors from each state. Aside from West Virginia and Pennsylvania, we are particularly popular in New Jersey (possibly because of that mention on Real Housewives) and Iowa. Sadly, there are eight states where our existence is as yet unknown so, if you know someone who lives in one of these places, have them give us a look so we can finish up with this and get started on our collection of state quarters.

P.S. The blog has also had visitors from 45 other countries. More on that later.

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