Monday, March 18, 2013

Mike Buso Is Famous

It's turning out to be quite the semester for doctoral student Michael Buso. First of all, his Joss Whedon-themed section of English 258, Popular American Culture, was just featured in Flavorwire's "Syllabi for 10 Real College Pop-Culture Classes We'd Love to Take." It seems like only a matter of time before he attracts the attention of Perez Hilton, and, after that, as some of the older Tenants speculate, it will all be limousines and bodyguards.

Not to mention that, a few weeks back, Mike passed his Qualifying Exams and is now officially ABD, with the hearty congratulations of his committee (Ryan Claycomb, Michael Germana, Melissa Latimer, Katy Ryan, and yours truly) and the Tenants too.

The Tenants are given to understand that plans for Mike to do a joint tour with Taylor Swift this summer are still under negotiation, but we'll let you know if that works out.