Monday, January 7, 2013

Graduate Academy Courses for Spring 2013

Just a reminder that the Office of Graduate Education and Life is offering the following courses for graduate students across the university to help with professionalization and career development:

GRAD 710 Scholarly Teaching

This pedagogy course provides teaching strategies drawn from current research on college education. Students will practice and apply these teaching skills in their own disciplines in order to become effective college instructors. Instructor: Dr. Michelle Withers. CRN: 15123
 C&I 789 Teaching in Higher Education

This pedagogy course provides a general methods course involving instructional concepts and strategies for present/prospective faculty in higher education. Comprehensive consideration of objectives, planning criteria and methods, teaching strategies, and evaluation in meeting the needs of adult learners. Instructor: Dr. John Oughton. CRN: 15406     

GRAD 794A Seminar: 21st Century Teaching

This course will offer strategies for combining effective teaching with research. The course explores the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to develop research that is based on teaching. Instructor: Dr. Jessica Deshler. CRN: 17259     

GRAD 694B Seminar: Preparing Future Faculty

This seminar helps graduate students chart their course into faculty careers by exploring types of faculty positions, current issues in higher education, and even careers outside of academia. Instructor: Dr. Jenny Douglas. CRN: 16453 
GRAD 685: Teaching Capstone

This is the capstone course for the Certificate in University Teaching and is intended to help students prepare teaching portfolios for university faculty positions. Instructor: Dr. Jenny Douglas. CRN: 17118

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