Sunday, December 2, 2012

We're in the newspaper!

Yes, really! Not one but two items on today's "Campus Life" page of The Dominion Post.

First, there's an article about our new T-shirts with their ill-fated motto. Except this was written before we found out that our motto is totally against the rules. So one more moment in the sun, I guess, and then hang on to those suddenly collectible shirts and hoodies. Vintage happens pretty fast, sometimes.

Second, and much more thrilling, is the profile of MFA Rebecca Childers. Yep, Rebecca is featured in this week's "WVU Student Spotlight." Just how does this happen to someone? Maybe Rebecca can fill us in. As you no doubt know, the "spotlight" includes all kinds of info about the selected student's spare time activities (petting cats and playing disc golf and reading romance novels, says Rebecca) and favorite foods and celebrities (fried chicken and Cary Grant) and best-loved book (Middlemarch) and best class ("English 101!"). What is Rebecca's one wish? "For all the cats to have somebody to hug them." Isn't that just about the sweetest thing you ever heard? Our GTAs truly are best... which is why we put up this year's Christmas tree early when they begged. 

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