Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Oldest Living Tenant Tells It All

School's been going on for awhile, but the weather in the environs of Colson Hall this week has been a reminder that it's still technically summer, with cloudless skies and golden end-of-the-summer light and not a hint of mellow fruitfulness just yet. On days like these, in the afternoons, some of the older Tenants like to sit in Adirondack chairs on the lawn behind the Hall, gazing down the tree-lined vista at the gazebo and the ha-ha in the distance, talking about that one time, back in '87, when that student said that thing.

In the meantime, though, the young folks are all abustle, reading and writing and publishing. Doctoral student Sreya Chatterjee came back from summer vacation with an edited collection in her hand that contains her latest essay. If you've been swayed by Mary Ann's retro-advertising post and want to read something, you can check it out here: "Beyond Barriers: Transnational Feminist Solidarity," Modern Social Thinkers. Ed. Pradip Basu (Kolkata: Setu, 2012).

And recent graduate Dr. Nevena Stojanovic has just heard that her essay on Henry James, “'Like a Dazzling Curtain of Light': Fanny Assingham's performances of Jewishness in The Golden Bowl,” derived from a chapter of her dissertation, has been accepted for publication by The Henry James Review.

On a slightly different note, Teresa Pershing and Kate Ridinger Smorul received grants for research travel from the Robert Stitzel Graduate Student Travel Fund. There's a nice writeup about them here. (As it happens, there turned out to be more publicity about this than anyone expected, and Teresa and Kate both seemed to have been empowered in the process.)

Although it's been getting a bit cold when the sun goes down these days, I may keep sitting on the lawn for just a little while longer in the twilight, looking at the stars, thinking about that time during that one winter that the snow was so deep, but mostly just basking in the reflected glow of the young people's achievements.

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