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Recent Achievements in English

Recent Achievements in English (July 2012):

Rudy Almasy presented a paper entitled "Pastor Katherine Parr: Word, Text, and Performance" for the Society for Reformation Research at the 47th Medieval Congress in May at Western Michigan University.  He's sure everyone knows that Parr, Henry's sixth wife, wrote The Lamentation of a Sinner  (1547), the first published work in the Sixteenth Century by a woman, and that in 2012 we observe the quincentennial of her birth.  Almasy also concluded his service on the nominating committee for The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference.
David Beach received a grant from the Information Literacy Course Enhancement Project and has been working with Kelly Diamond and Alyssa Wright to integrate more information literacy assignments in ENGL102.

Mark Brazaitis's short stories appear or are forthcoming in the Beloit Fiction Journal ("Cuts"), Cimarron Review ("Rick the Dick"), West Branch ("The Blind Wrestler"), H.O.W. Journal ("Barbados," in print and online: ), Ascent ("No Less Afraid": ), Witness ("Blackheart," in print and online: )
and Carve ("Truth Poker": ).

His essay "Sucker" appears in Lunch Ticket ( ) and his essay "Lament" appears in Under the Sun.

His poems appear or are forthcoming in Poetry East ("Spring is Here") and Slant ("The Dancer").

His community service included compiling a 0-22 record as the girls' basketball coach at North Elementary. His youngest daughter (point guard) has demanded a trade to Mountainview.

Pat Conner ‘s “Four Contiguous Poems in the Exeter Book: A Combined Reading of ‘Homiletic Fragment III’, ‘Soul and Body II’, ‘Deor’, and ‘Wulf and Eadwacer’,” appeared in The Genesis of Books: Studies in the Scribal Culture of Medieval England in Honour of A.N. Doane, Matthew T. Hussey and John D. Niles, eds., (Brepols, Belgium, 2012): 119-39.

His acting credits in 2012 include:  The Merchant of Venice: Shylock (South Park Theatre), 2012; The Full Monty: Marty, Ensemble (McKeesport Little Theater), 2012; Lysistrata: Commissioner (Three Rivers Theatre), 2012.

Katie Fallon’s book (Cerulean Blues) was recently named a finalist for the Southern Environmental Law Center's Reed Award for Outstanding Writing on the Southern Environment.

Sandy Florian’s poetic novella called Boxing the Compass was accepted for publication by Noemi Press and will be published by the spring of 2013. This is her fifth book.

Byron Nelson’s article article, "John Donne's Pulpit Voice," appears in Prose Studies, 34:1 (2012), 50-58. This was based on the paper he gave at the Renaissance Prose conference at Purdue last October. His review of Chanita Goodblatt's "John Donne's Christian Hebraism" appears in Sixteenth-Century Journal 43/1 (Spring 2012), 226-27.

Kelly Sundberg had an essay published in the Spring 2012 issue of Slice Magazine and an essay published in the Summer 2012 issue of Reed Magazine. Another essay will be published the Fall 2012 issue of the Mid-American Review, and another essay was a finalist for the Southeast Review's Narrative Nonfiction Prize and will be published in the Spring 2013 issue of the Southeast Review.

Glenn Taylor saw the February 2012 UK paperback publication of THE MARROWBONE MARBLE COMPANY, Blue Door/HarperCollins, and the March 2012 France paperback publication of THE BALLAD OF TRENCHMOUTH TAGGART, Points (Editions du Seuil).  He also served as a Faculty member at the Ninth Annual Chautauqua Writers Festival (June 14-17th, 2012), alongside other faculty members such as Cristina Garcia and Martin Espada. 

Phillip Zapkin presented three papers at academic conferences (not counting the EGO Colloquium) this past academic year:  “‘Borrowed Robes’: Macbeth, Mimetic Desire, and the Monstrous Double” at Shepherd University's Sigma Tau Delta Literary Festival and Conference; "Visiting Grandmother: A Question about the Ethics of the Friendly Teaching Persona" at the 2012 CEA Conference; and "Timelines: Temporal Representations in Three Film Versions of King Lear" at the 2012 NeMLA conference.  Videos of these second two presentations are available through his youtube channel at At CEA he presented with Rebecca Doverspike and Jessi Kalvitis, and his youtube channel also has videos of their presentations.


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