Monday, January 23, 2012

Material Culture

For those of you interested in some of the more unworn paths of human endeavor, the Tenants have discovered a particularly novel way in which to spend your free time.* A seller on EBay named the_heppcat is currently auctioning the entire text of Moby Dick typed on toilet paper. Starting bid is $399.95 (but shipping is free). For the more sceptical among you, the webpage includes a number of videos of the_heppcat unrolling various "volumes" of the text to show that it is, in fact, complete.

Now, so far, there are no bids, but if this "mod oddity" sells, the Tenants are considering setting up a cottage industry in the barn, inscribing various literary works on non-standard items. As with those Project Runway challenges that involve making clothes out of items found at The Dollar Store, however, where contestants who select some kind of fabric are always ridiculed, we intend to eschew anything as obvious as yet another form of paper. The first project: writing the works of Emily Dickinson on Skittles.

*Not recommended for graduate students, who, as everyone knows, have no free time.

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