Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our First Ever Contest!

TCH invites readers to participate in a summer writing contest!

Here is your chance to dazzle us by taking a last sentence and making it the opening to a new piece.

The sentence comes from one of the series books discussed here some weeks ago: The Blue Grass Seminary Girls on the Water, or Exciting Adventures on a Summer Cruise through the Panama Canal by Carolyn Judson Burnett, published in 1916.

And here is that last sentence:

"She rushed downstairs to consult Shirley, who at that moment was holding a tete-a-tete with Dick on the sunny front porch."

And The End.

Yes, we know.  Take a moment.  We'll wait.

The "she," in case you were wondering, is Mabel Ashton, "life chum" of Shirley Willing (yep, that's her name).  They're just two Kentucky girls, "slender of figure, vivacious of manner, and extremely pretty."

So!  Your task: use the tete-a-tete sentence as the opening to a piece of fiction. Give us a paragraph or two.  And feel free to adapt the characters of Mabel and Shirley and, ahem, even good ol' Dick any way you see fit.  

All entries will be read with delight and the most dazzling one(s) will appear on our site.  And no matter what, you'll have the feeling of pride that comes with knowing you did your very best.

Deadline: oh, soonish... we'll post good entries as we receive them.  

Now off you go.

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